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Household sauna room far infrared sauna room price

Winter is a good season to sweat, timely detoxification soothing mood, improve sleep, detox diet, attractive appearance, dispel cold, physical therapy health care, improve circulation and balance the body benefits. Below to introduce a product -- far infrared sauna room. Don't think that only special spa shop has a sauna, now own the sauna room can also be installed in the home. Sauna room price expensive? Let's take a look at:

The energy conservation and environmental protection

High strength of insulating material, heating speed and even, one minute can meet the design temperature.

Trace element supplement

Far infrared sauna room USES is ms tomalin stone, under the far infrared heating, can release a variety of trace elements, warm cells, activate molecular, provides energy for the body, accelerate the body's blood circulation and metabolism, remove toxins, supplement the nutrients.

A high degree of intelligence

Basic operation of far infrared sauna room is through MTO smart touch panel, simple operation and easy to understand. Sauna room in the physical therapy lamp, using infrared light, its permeability is strong, deep heat skin, effectively improve blood circulation and skin tissue, cosmetic and health effect. In addition to FM stereo speakers, can let you sauna while listening to the wonderful music, relax. Wooden vents may be shut can open, flexible operation.


Durable high strength

Sauna room hinges and suction cups and some other details using 304 stainless steel material, the surface is more beautiful, better corrosion resistance, higher intensity, delicate to every detail.

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