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Install a sauna - home home sauna room configuration and ins

In some families, we now we will install sauna room to use and brought great help to our health, but our sauna room how to install? So small make up today is to introduce our household sauna room some methods of installation and configuration for you to understand the main points.

[household sauna room]

Household sauna room

Install a sauna - home household sauna room configuration points

Circuit lined up: sauna room lighting, the furnace must be separate, so decided to install a sauna, best selected products before take cover engineering, clear the location of the discharge line. And according to the need to decide to use 220 v or 380 v voltage.

Sheet selected: can do a sauna board has a lot of, white pine, Korean pine, cedar is commonly used materials. Compared with 130 yuan/square meters of white pine family, the more the quality while prominent cedar, but the price is in 300 yuan/square metre, the choose and buy not too much of the family.

Seat is reasonable: a lot of sauna room use home empty corner is made and be become, interior space is not neat. Due to the room to put a lot of equipment or debris, so professionals to meet the needs of users and the size design modelling, the seat position.

Ventilation customize: sauna roof ministries have vents, its location, size, the user can be determined and designers to discuss. Try to avoid to open it in ventilated place, otherwise unenforceable, ventilated effect also destroyed the whole beautiful.

With good scale: sauna at home, the necessary scale must be prepared. The hourglass, thermometer, hygrometer sauna time, can help users better control effect. Is best when custom products can also be the bullish on these little thing at the same time.

According to the room selected furnace: sauna room will put sauna stove, choose different power products, according to space most of the families with 3600 or 4500 watts, prices in 23000 yuan. 100 yuan a box sauna stone available at home for a year or two.

Assist to add: heat when using the steam room low water cut, so you need to use barrel, sauna scoop up water. Complete purchase, best to go all in 150 yuan or so, not only look oneness is strong, and is also very convenient to use.

Install a sauna - home household sauna room installation method

Determine the location, size: if you want to install sauna room in the home, the first thing to determine the installation position and size before decorate, so that the exhaust pipe water and electricity. The smallest sauna room generally is 100 * 90 * 100 cm, the largest no special restrictions. Sauna room not only in between wei yu, but also on the stair corner, attic, garage... Can choose according to need.

Determine the brand, the material: the market do domestic manufacturers have a lot of sauna room, choose time, word of mouth good brand for the future use and maintenance. After they determine brand room figure to merchants have internal design. Then good materials, internal equipment, can set his mind at to go home waiting for the product to your door.

Determine the installation and after sales: waterproof, tile do when home after can install sauna room. If it's not merchants installation, product price will be lower. But most users ask professional personage to on-site installation, although the price is higher, but with the workers, please put the price of what is. And after the test, can fast to solve even if there is a problem.

Above is the small make up to introduce the sauna room of the house of some key points of configuration and installation methods, hope everybody reference, after we use sauna room if you want to buy in the family, the correct installation of our sauna room use is plays an important role, so we will take special attention to installation issues.

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